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The Lost Stories (Ranger 11). Read more · The Doll: The Lost Short Stories · Read more The Lost Road And Other Stories. Read more. Title: The lost stories / John Flanagan. ISBN: 1 8 (pbk.) Series: Flanagan, John, – Ranger's apprentice; Target audience: For secondary . The lost stories [electronic resource (EPUB eBook)] / John Flanagan. In , an archaeological dig unearths an ancient trunk containing manuscripts that.

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We supply The Lost Stories Rangers Apprentice 11 By John Flanagan by horizon Studio in word, txt, pdf, ppt, kindle, zip. related book ebook pdf the lost stories book 11 rangers apprentice: home - lesson 4 practice c geometry answers - lesson 4 activity 7 answer. The Lost Stories. How a steady stream of laws, regulations and judicial decisions have eroded reporting on important issues. RCFP WHITE.

You are on page 1of 4 Search inside document one t had been a long, hard three days. Will had been on a tour of the villages surrounding Castle Redmont. It was something he did on a regular basis, keeping in touch with the villagers and their headmen, keeping track of the everyday goings-on. Sometimes, he had learned, little pieces of gossip, seemingly trivial at the time, could become useful in heading off future trouble and friction within the fief. It was part of being a Ranger. Information, no matter how unimportant it might seem at first glance, was a Rangers lifeblood. Now, late in the afternoon, as he rode wearily up to the cabin set among the trees, he was surprised to see lights in the windows and the silhouette of someone sitting on the small verandah. Surprise turned to pleasure when he recognised Halt. Will swung down from the saddle and stretched tired muscles gratefully. Hullo, he said. What brings you here? I hope youve got the coffee on.

Then, with an obvious effort, he plunged in. Theres something you should know, he said. Something I probably should have told you long ago.

Its just. Wills curiosity grew. He had never seen Halt in such an uncertain mood. He waited, giving his mentor time to settle his thoughts. So does Arald. Theyve both known about it for some time.

So maybe I should just. Is it something bad? Will asked, and Halt looked directly at him for the first time in several minutes. Im not sure, he said. For a moment, Will wondered if he wanted to hear it, whatever it might be. Then, seeing the discomfort on Halts face, he realised that, good or bad, it was something that his teacher had to get off his chest. He gestured for Halt to continue. Fortunately for my sanity, Will eventually tracks and kills it.

But his horse, Tug, is seriously wounded in the process. Herein lies the reason why Flanagan wrote the story so says his note at the end. He realized that horses can't serve their ranger forever and must eventually be "retired.

The Lost Stories

Tug doesn't die, he just retires. But Will would need a new horse, wouldn't he?

Simple enough. He can now choose from a variety of trained ranger horses, right? But surprisingly, bafflingly the answer to that is no. Oh, no. For there is a breeding system in place for every ranger in which a stallion and mare are chosen that have nearly identical traits to the stallion and mare that bred the ranger's retired horse, hereby breeding another horse, seemingly identical to the ranger's retired horse, that said ranger can now use to take the place of said retired horse.

Why is this necessary and why did we need to frame an entire story around this ludicrous concept? This horse breeding system seems impractical and stupid. Why does he need to have a horse exactly like the old one? I don't think that's even possible, no matter if the parents of that horse are similar to Tug's. A horse close to Tug, yes. Exactly like Tug, no. Not to mention the fact that this HAS to have some adverse effects on the whole gene pool from which you are breeding your horses.

I found this entire concept and story impractical, impossible, and stupid. Side note on ranger horses: I really don't download in to the whole fact that they can communicate with their rangers so effectively. The way it was described is that the horse can communicate with his ranger by way of nonverbal communication.

I can understand this maybe for some simple communication, but some of these bits of horse dialogue are far too complex for that explanation. Even just taking the example I gave earlier: If it were explained as telepathy, that would have been fine. I could suspend my disbelief for that. But nonverbal communication, no. Unless the anatomy of ranger horses differs from that of the horses we the readers know and to my knowledge, it does not , a horse simply cannot physically communicate in this manner, no matter its mental capacity.

This has been something that irked me throughout every Rangers book I have read. And About Time Too…: This story too was just meh. It finally brought together the romance between Will and Alyss. I found it sweet, but I never really felt that their romance was a big part of the story.

In the three books I read of this series, I hardly remember any significant interaction between the two. Maybe their interactions took deeper meaning later in the series, but for the books I read, their romance seemed hastily thrown in. I know I've been harsh on this book and on the Ranger's Apprentice series in general. But I am harsh only because I so opened my heart to love it. And I tried to do just that; believe me, I couldn't rave for this long if I didn't care. And the whole time I was reading the series, I was on the brink of really liking it, but the manner in which it was told kept me just shy of crossing over.

But in the end, story is what matters. Not necessarily what happens that would be plot , but why and how it happens. Some may argue that Ranger's target audience is aimed for a young demographic ages and, therefore, simpler, but I honestly don't think that is an excuse. Consider Avatar: It too was aimed for a younger audience, but it is one of the most amazing pieces of storytelling I've ever encountered. Also consider Eoin Colfer, Cornelia Funke, and so many others.

All aimed for younger audiences, and able to be enjoyed by the younger audience while still staying true to good storytelling; able to be simplified without becoming condescending. I'm not sure if it is because Rangers was simplified for a younger audience or if it is just Flanagan's writing style, but I did find the storytelling severely lacking.

And that is the main reason why I disliked this book, and why I found the part of the series I read to just be meh where it had the potential to be truly good. It's all about execution. So I've finally finished the published Ranger's Apprentice books don't fear - John Flanagan pointed out in the talk I was at on Thursday that there will be at least one more.

I'll start with my thoughts on the Lost Stories and then move back to the series as a whole. This is a series of short stories covering everything from how Will's parents really died, through to random adventures through to more important milestones. The stories are short and easily digestible, which was good because there So I've finally finished the published Ranger's Apprentice books don't fear - John Flanagan pointed out in the talk I was at on Thursday that there will be at least one more.

The stories are short and easily digestible, which was good because there were some I liked more than others. While these stories fill in some holes, they also create a few more which is also fun for any reader young or old.

I particularly liked the way the stories were bookended with the story of an archaeology dig in the 19th century uncovering the stories. As for the series as a whole - well I can understand why they're so popular with my students now. They are fantasy - but like Harry Potter, they're set in a world close enough to ours to be easily relatable. They're set in a medieval-like world, which brings the knights and princesses which are so fascinating - but the world is fantastical enough to allow women to take on greater roles and conditions to be a little more palatable.

There's adventure, grizzled mentors, humour and great friendship. All in all, a great series for both boys and girls to read, and one that many adults would probably enjoy as well. Nov 13, Jacob Copps rated it it was amazing. This is a fantasy novel written by John Flanagan. It is the 11th book in The Rangers Apprentice series. It is not a continuation of the series, instead it is a collection of stories that explains questions from fans of things that weren't covered in the series.

For example it includes stories about what happened at the wedding of Hoarce and Cassandra. Also it explains what happened when Halt and Will left Gavin.

It also includes another story that explains how Halt became a ranger, and another s This is a fantasy novel written by John Flanagan. It also includes another story that explains how Halt became a ranger, and another story showing where Will came from. I rated this book 5 stories because it was expertly written, and it answered a lot of my questions about one of my favorite series of all time.

One of my favorite quotations is, "Sometimes I'm so devious I confuse myself". I like this quote because it made me laugh and it's very true. Another one of my favorite quotes is, "You're a dead man, Arratay, Jerrel said through clenched teeth. Halt smiled. That's been said before.

Yet here I am" I like this quote because I thought it was a great comeback. I sometimes wonder if it was a good idea having Halt train apprentices. He seems to teach them no respect for authority.

Oh, he teaches us to respect authority, Gilan said innocently. He just teaches us to ignore it when necessary.

The Lost Stories

I also had a text to self connection. Will was described as funny and spontaneous. He reminded me of myself. Feb 02, Tricia Mingerink rated it liked it. I enjoy some of the short stories in this book. Others, not so much. I like the ones leading up to Horace's wedding and the actual wedding. I like the short clip of Will's wedding and Jenny's and Gilan's romantic dinner that never was. The first time I read this book, I really liked the short stories with Halt's backstories.

Those stories are now partially repeated in the two prequel books, so I ended up skipping them this time while re-listening because I'd just listened to the prequels. I'll a I enjoy some of the short stories in this book. I'll admit, I also skipped the short story The Wolf.

I know that story was written to answer a reader question and it makes sense, but Apr 16, Kylia rated it really liked it Shelves: I think there should be more stories about Will and Alyss. Muito, muito bom! Oct 25, Melenia rated it it was amazing Shelves: October - 5 stars - Audio book - Loved it read back to back December - 4 stars - Pretty good read. Stety czy niestety Pierwsze jest absolutnym majstersztykiem. Jeszcze jedno. Zwykle bardzo mi to przeszkadza, ale Nawet tej znienawidzonej parze Evanlyn-Horace.

Oct 24, Landon added it. Its main purpose is to, obviously make money, but also entertain and answer questions formed in the first ten books. The Lost Stories is comprised of nine events, all taking place during or shortly after the time period in which the rest of the series takes, in the middle ages. The names of the brief accounts are as follows, in the order they are featured in the book: To make a long story short, Foldar planned to raid a cart transporting all of the quarterly taxes to the king from Highcliff Fief.

Gilan sent out a decoy cart, thinking Foldar would attack it before the real money cart came out of the castle. Gilan had performed the incredibly risky double-bluff, and had sent all the money and riches with the first cart, appearing as a decoy. Foldar was soon after captured and eliminated. I would recommend it to anyone still in grade school looking for an enjoyable, but also easier read. First, it is an example of his humorous personality.

He jokes about his amazing powers to trick people, but in reality it is an ability that is quite frightening. I thought that The Lost Stories was very interesting and fun to read. I liked how it was able to answer so many questions, but in the form of stories. It is a great book continuing on the legend that is Will Treaty in the kingdom of Araluen. Each story is relatively short, so you can read a whole story in one sitting, and without having to stop reading in terrible places.

Ranger's Apprentice 11: The Lost Stories by John Flanagan Exclusive Chapter

I will definitely be reading the following books in the series. Dec 10, Sionna rated it really liked it Shelves: I forgot to note my opinions of the stories as I went along-- whoops! I did enjoy most of them. I think the beginning, or the theme of how these are journals found in the future really hit my heart and made me feel more nostalgic because then it really hits home that the characters will die eventually.

Die and become legends, but perhaps not totally known by name. Anyhow, most of the stories are really good. I liked the stories of Gilan and even of Halt's past. There were many instances to laugh I forgot to note my opinions of the stories as I went along-- whoops!

Ranger's Apprentice The Lost Stories by John Flanagan Exclusive Chapter

There were many instances to laugh, but also a few that had me tearing up. The Wolf was a hard one to read: There is also a one page inclusion of the Spin-off about the boy from Scandia. Sorry, I can't remember his name since I haven't read the series. But it is a nice way to do it and build interest, because even though I wasn't planning on reading it, I just might now!

It really is a good ending to the series and while I know there is still 12 Royal Ranger which I see is also the beginning to another spin-off , I am hesitant to try reading a different ending to these amazing characters. A good read if you enjoy the series. And, of course, tying up loose ends with a couple of weddings. As well as this, it is written into yet another story that puts a whole new perspective on the world RA readers have learned to love, and brings up new questions.

Another book I thoroughly enjoyed reading! May 22, Anke Sietinga rated it liked it. Yes, this book took me forever to read. And I have a reason for that, I didn't find the book that interesting as all the others books before this one.

I really liked some of the stories, but most of them I found boring.

I think if I hadn't read this book I would have missed something, but next time I'm only gonna read the stories that I really like. But I think if I had read this a few years ago I would have loved it! Oct 14, Julia rated it it was amazing.

And, please note that I actually did NOT read the book on the date mentioned below. X'D Whoops. The Lost Stories 3 4 Sep 11, How old is Will? Readers Also Enjoyed. Young Adult. About John Flanagan. John Flanagan. Librarian Note: There is more than one author in the GoodReads database with this name. See this thread for more information. For mysteries by this same author, see John A.

John Flanagan grew up in Sydney, Australia, hoping to be a writer. It wasn't until he wrote a highly uncomplimentary poem about a senior executive at the agency where he worked, however, that his talent was revealed. It Librarian Note: It turned out one of the company directors agreed with John's assessment of the executive, and happily agreed to train John in copywriting.

After writing advertising copy for the next two decades, John teamed with an old friend to develop a television sitcom, Hey Dad! John began writing Ranger's Apprentice for his son, Michael, ten years ago, and is still hard at work on the series. He currently lives in a suburb of Manly, Australia, with his wife. In addition to their son, they have two grown daughters and four grandsons. Other books in the series.

On day three, the pair catch up to the Roamers and do some reconnoitering that night. They deduce from a conversation in a tavern that there would be a dog fight in another couple days. Spying on the Roamers again, Alyss devises a plan to take the place of an old servant woman name Hilde, disguising herself to look like the hag. Will made sure that Alyss' disguise held, before taking the old woman to the nearby village and helping her make a new life at a friend's restaurant.

Alyss follows two of the Roamers, Petulengo and Jerome, as they head out to the woods, assumably to feed the dogs meant for fighting. Alyss ends up being called to help move the dogs. She finds Ebony there, but is attacked by a vicious dog that Jerome lost control of.

Will shoots it before it can hurt Alyss, but it doesn't die and it kills Jerome when he falls over it. Returning to the Roamer camp, Will gives them a dire warning to leave the kingdom and they obey.

Purple Prose[ edit ] Will reviews a speech for the royal wedding of the knight Horace and Princess Evanlyn, two of his closest friends, in front Halt and his wife Pauline, the head Courier. They conclude it is a bit pompous and florid in language, although Will is very fond of it. Halt informs Will of a mission to stop a group of moondarkers, shipwrecking gangs who lure boats onto dangerous coastlines and the steal the cargo, who had been moving up the coast.

Will and Halt arrive at a coastal village, where they find the moondarker's camp, do some scouting and devise a plan of action. When a ship is spotted on the horizon, Halt alerts the village guards and Will changes the color of the beacon fire that the moondarkers set up to lure in ships.

The moondarkers are arrested, but Will's speech is accidentally tossed in the beacon fire, much to his dismay. Halt draws out of Will the true message he wanted to tell his friends and both Will and Halt are happier with the result. Dinner for Five[ edit ] Jenny, the owner of the restaurant to which Will had sent Hilde in "The Roamers", is preparing her home for a romantic dinner for two with the handsome Ranger Gilan.

At the same time, three robbers break into Ambrose's safe box, which held the jewels and ingots of the silversmith's trade. The three robbers enter Jenny's house, thinking she would be at her restaurant, but recover quickly and restrain her. The thieves in Jenny's home learn that Gilan would be stopping by and realize they must eliminate both the Ranger and Jenny in order to pull off the heist.

With her womanly protectiveness kicking in, Jenny manages to disable two of the robbers but the third makes it out the door. However, he runs straight into Gilan, who apprehends the thieves and then soothes Jenny, who was crying because their dinner had been ruined. Will investigates the accidents and comes up with Robard, the assistant steward who was recently demoted. The next day, Robard is discovered dead - what seemed like suicide by poison - with a piece of a paper with two names on it the only suspicious thing in the room.

Following the names around town, Will discovers they were aliases and the men to whom those names belonged were probably Genovesan assassins. Talking it over with Halt, the two Rangers conclude that there is a distinct danger because King Duncan and royal dignitaries from other countries would be coming to Redmont very soon for Horace and Princess Evanlyn's wedding.

A new piece of evidence came to light from Robard's room, but Will could make neither heads nor tails of it. The day of the wedding arrived and as Will gave his speech albeit unwritten and unprepared because of the story "Purple Prose" , he realized that there was a gallery above the dance hall where assassins would have a perfect window of opportunity to strike.

Gathering a Skandian friend, Nils, Will hurried up the steps leading to the gallery. There, he and Nils overcame two assassins in the nick of time and Will just barely made it back in time for a dance with his sweetheart Alyss, who would have murdered him for missing the dance. As it was, she gave him a dire warning not to miss their wedding dance, when Will finally proposed.

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